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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Every dog needs a stroller!

My dogs love to walk on the trail with us.   Mostly on the way back to the car, not so much away, so that's why we use a stroller for our daily walks.

The dogs love their strollers, we have a different stroller for every situation.  For the trails or long distances we use our Burley Tailwagon.  For restaurants we use our Pet Gear Happy Trails Plus Strollers, they each have their own and for shopping at the mall we have a Petzip Happy Trailer.  Each of these strollers is available at Just Pet Strollers.

The Tailwagon is the limousine of strollers and is perfect for traveling long distances on pavement or any surface where you can ride a bike.  It has large air-filled tires for a smooth ride.   This stroller can also be attached to your bike.  Another great thing about the Burley stroller is that the dogs ride very low to the ground and can get into and out of the stroller unassisted.   

The Pet Gear Happy Trails Strollers are really great for keeping the pups off the dirty ground when we're at restaurants but the ride on these strollers isn't really great.  The tires are hard formed plastic and they don't offer any shock absorption or traction, this is strictly a short distance stroller.

Our shopping stroller is the Petzip Happy Trailer which is made by a company called "Ibiyaya"

This stroller maneuvers like a dream and even though it is a good size (big enough for both of my pups) it can weave through the aisles of a store with ease.  The air-filled tires offer a nice smooth ride and the pups can jump up into the cabin themselves due to the fact that it is low enough to the ground.

I've found that having the riding cabin closer to the ground offers a much more stable ride for the dogs and fearful dogs are much more likely to stay in a stroller they feel comfortable getting in and out of than they are in a stroller that keeps them too high off the ground.  

Each of the stroller types I've shown you here has their own strengths and weaknesses and that's why I feel the need to have more than one kind.  When at a restaurant the larger strollers are too big to fit between tables and since the riding cabin in so low to the ground the pups really can't see what you're doing so they fidget more than if they are in the smaller stroller with the cabin that is just below table height.  

When choosing a stroller you really need to look at what features will work for you, but if you are going to be pushing the stroller for long distances I can't stress enough how important air-filled tires are.  

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  1. hi - i am in the market for a stroller and am so happy to find someone who bought the happy trailer as there doesn't seem to be much info on it out there. i hope you don't mind me asking a few questions 1) may i ask where you got yours 2)would you mind posting pics of the interior and underside? 3) is the floor padded 4) I have a dachshund and was wondering about the height of the front "window". if he is lying down, I am wondering if he will be able to see out the front at all. so my question is how deep is the interior as measured from the floor to the bottom of the front window? 5) Does the front wheel have an optional lock to keep it from moving? I understand a locked wheel helps in rugged terrain. 6) Are the tires easy to inflate?