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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pretty Little Dog Bowls

I love pretty dog bowls but I wonder whether they're safe for my dogs to eat from.  We've all been told to stay away from plastic bowls because of all the chemicals they leach into the food.  And stainless bowls are great but they just aren't very pretty.  

The prettiest bowls are always the ceramic or stoneware but is there lead in the paint?    

Well, there are now many bowls that are pretty and safe.  Several manufacturers are labeling they're bowls as "lead-free" and even "FDA approved".  

One such company is PetWare Pottery.  

I've been buying these bowls for years because they are pretty and come in a large variety of shapes and sizes.  

They are dishwasher and microwave safe and are made with only lead-free glazes.  

There are several other companies that make safe, FDA approved bowls for dogs that I haven't had the pleasure to try yet but here some links so you can check them out. 

Mickey's Pet Supplies carry a large selection of Natural and Safe products made in the USA. 

Harry Barker has many Eco-Friendly and safe products for dogs including a very interesting Bamboo Dog Bowl!

PetRageous Designs also carries a large variety of beautiful Dog Bowls that are FDA approved.  

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