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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I LOVE Buddy Belts!

My pups LOVE their Buddy Belts! 

Buddy Belts are the most comfortable leather harnesses I've seen and they come in the most wonderful colors and designs!

When my pups were little they wore leather collars which offered very little control, so when we went to puppy school the teacher suggested that we use a Gentle Leader collar.  The Gentle Leader collar is designed to put all the pulling stresses at the back of the dogs neck causing them to stop pulling.  Gentle Leaders work great but they aren't the most comfortable for the dogs, at first when you put a Gentle Leader on the dog just scratches at the collar to try to get it off of their face.  Some dogs hate it so much they try to grind it off by rubbing their face on the ground.  Not such a great thing to do on cement.  Also when the dog is running with you and pulling ahead the Gentle Leader causes their head to be pulled to one side making it very difficult for them to breathe.  I also didn't like that it caused irritation at the bridge of the pups noses from the rubbing of the fabric.

After many years of trying different leashes and harnesses I found a wonderful leather harness called the Buddy Belt and once the pups put them on they were so comfortable, they didn't even realize they were wearing them.  Their heads are no longer pulled to one side when they run on the beach and their oxygen isn't cut off from a collar pulling on their necks.  The Buddy Belt harness is designed for comfort and function, I've also found that I have much more control over what the pups are doing when they're wearing a Buddy Belt because I don't have to worry that they'll hurt themselves by pulling.  They can pull all they want and it won't hurt them, you can actually keep you dog from falling off the balcony with the Buddy Belt, it's that strong.

Buddy Belt is always coming out with new colors and fabrics for their harnesses so go check them out, I'm sure you'll find one you'll love and your pup will love you for it!  

My favorite Buddy Belt store is the Wet Nose Boutique 
The Wet Nose Boutique sells so many Buddy Belts that they get exclusive rights to sell the newest colors first.  The Wet Nose Boutique is a great company to do business with and gets your orders to you so fast you won't believe it!  They also offer great discounts so get on the mailing list right away. 

My pups Love running on the beach in their Buddy Belts. 

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